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SNOWDEN Animation Sequence

Mill+ collaborated with Academy Award-winning writer and director Oliver Stone to create the animation sequence for a pivotal scene in ‘Snowden’, Stone’s latest feature film revealing the incredible story of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
Production Company: Open Road Films
Director: Oliver Stone
Producers: Moritz Borman, Eric Kopeloff
Director of Photography: Anthony Dod Mantle
Production: Mill+
Executive Producer: Zu Al-Kadiri
Producer: Carl Walters
VFX & Design
VFX & Design: Mill+
Executive Producer: Zu Al-Kadiri
Producer: Carl Walters
Creative Director: Ben Smith
Art Director: Anthony Dodero
2D Lead Artist: Blake Druery
3D Lead Artist: Vincent Baertsoen
2D Artist: Nick Tanner
3D Artists: Dave Barosin, Xuan Seifert, Christine Kim
Art Department: Damien Bastelica, Tetsuro Mise, Anthony Ferrera, Gap Sangpattharamatee, Christopher Mennuto, Andreas Berner, Pierce Gibson, Ian Bradley
Editor: Matt Cornelius
Colour: The Mill
Executive Producer, Colour: Dee Allen
Colour Producer: Natalie Westerfield
Colour Coordinator: Evan Bauer
Colourist: Josh Bohoskey

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