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PLAYSTATION | Experience More Together

The Mill and BBH joined forces on PlayStation Plus "Experience More Together". The spot features gamer Travis and his four friends as they embark on a set of missions together.  The group fight through a post apocalyptic world, race a countdown on a zero g spaceship, become dwarves in a forest, and end with a lusty battle on 2 cannon-firing pirate ships. And arrrrgh - Travis has a hook for a hand!


Agency: BBH

Producer: Chad Utsch

Creative Director: Steve Peck

Executive Creative Director: Ari Weiss


Editing Company: Work Editorial Inc.

Editor: Sari Resnick

Edit Assist: Adam Whitten

VFX & Design

VFX & Design: The Mill

Executive Producer: Boo Wong

Shoot Supervisor: Hitesh Patel

2D Lead Artists: Kyle Cody

3D Lead Artists: Joji Tsuruga

2D Artists: Dan DiFelice, Kshitj Khanna, Daniel Giraldo, Alex Dreiblatt, John Mangia

3D Artists: Raymond Leung, Ylli Orana

Matte Painting: Marco Iozzi, Dark Hoffman

Production Assistant: Elena Parasco, Diana Chang 

Design: Gap Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Tetsuro Mise

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