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Mill+ teamed up with the Wieden+Kennedy creative crew on Coke 'Footprints,' airing during the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi. This love story takes place in a snow covered setting, where two sets of foot prints converge into one. It isn't until the end that your see the love birds, hand in hand.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Producers: Felicia Glover, Jennifer Fiske

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis, Jeff Gillette, Antony Goldstein

Account Directors: Luke Purdy, Brian Mead

Art Director: Brad Trost

Copy Writer: David Povill



Production: Mill+

Director: Angus Kneale

Executive Producer: Ian Bearce

Director of Photography: Adam Carboni

Production Coordinator: Tia Perkins


Editing Company: The Mill

Editors: Alex Trierweiler, Jonah Oskow, Andrew Jenson, Jessica Ledoux

VFX & Design

VFX & Design: The Mill

VFX Producer: Boo Wong

Creative Director: Angus Kneale

Art Director: Christopher Palazzo

2D Lead Artist: Kyle Cody

3D Lead Artist: Kevin Ives

2D Artists: Nick Tanner, John Mangia, Liz Berndt

3D Artists: Justin Diamond, Ylli Orana, Billy Dongyoon Jang, Tom Bardwell, Jimmy Gass, Taylor Cook ,Rob Petrie, Olivier Varteressian, Sandor Toledo, Xuan Seifert, Paul Liaw, Edward Shires

Matte Painting: Dave Gibbons, Gap Sangpattharamatee

Production Assistant: Diana Chang

Design: Tim Haldeen, Ariane Irle

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