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Role : Designer/Animator/Cel Animator

Produced at The Mill LA

The Mill worked closely with Director Edgar Wright of Anonymous Content to bring the hues in Beck's 'Colors' to life. Choreographed by Ryan Heffington and starring Alison Brie, the music video features specialized color grading, compositing and playful animated graphics that complement and converge throughout this endlessly watchable piece. 

Learn more about the collaboration on the blog. Watch the full film via Apple Music.



Production Company

Production Company: Anonymous Content

Director: Edgar Wright

Executive Producer: Nina Soriano

Producer: Bridgitte Pugh

Choreography: Ryan Heffington

Director of Photography: Bill Pope

Production Designer: Ethan Tobman

Wardrobe: Anastasia Magoutas



Editorial: Final Cut Editorial

Editor: David Webb

VFX Production

VFX: The Mill

Executive Producer: Anastasia von Rahl

Producer: Daniel Midgley

Production Coordinator: James Morse

VFX Creative

VFX Creative: The Mill

Creative Director: Lisha Tan
Shoot Supervisor: Daniel Thuresson

2D Lead Artist: Daniel Thuresson

2D Artist: Daniel Lang, Lisa Ryan, Julia Jordanova, Sven Dreesbach, Kai Chun Tsai, Brett Lopinsky

3D Artist: Michael Lori, Danny Garcia, Alice Panek

Design: Gap Yossanun, Patrick Kipper, Greg Rubner


Colour: The Mill

Colourist: Gregory Reese

Executive Producer, Colour: Thatcher Peterson

Senior Colour Producer: Liza Kerlin

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